100% Irish

My adorable husband Bill enjoying a quick view while driving.

Magical Ireland - Part I

Ireland was beyond my greatest expectation for a magical trip! I was overwhelmed with the beauty and history of Ireland, the places, and people. The photos I took are pale compared to the actual experience....but as the saying goes "A picture is worth a thousand words".

These photos are from our airplane window approaching Shannon airport. This land reminds me a bit of Iowa....but only from the window! The green color in Ireland is different...it's like a fresh spring green and different variations of that green. I could never tire of seeing their color of green!

This is Bunratty Castle....and it is located across the road from the hotel "Bunratty Castle". We had a great laugh when we realized that we were NOT staying in the old castle.

After touring the "real" Bunratty Castle, we so pleased to stay at the "hotel". This establishment is one of the nicest places I have ever stayed at!

This is our first experience at "pub grub"....which is the best food EVER!!!

I'll keep my comments short and sweet! Thank you for visiting and I hope one day soon you can take your own trip to Ireland. You'll absolutely fall in love with the land and people!

Stay tuned for day 2 in Ireland!