The Color Purple

I especially love the color purple....and I couldn't resist the antique bottles that I found at an antique store in Texas.
Once I spotted one....I found the other five bottles scattered throughout the same store!
I have big plans for these special treasures.

The Altered Alice

This is NOT my art work. It belongs to a talented artist, Donna Meme. The Altered Alice is a brand new blog! Take time to check it out....but first fix yourself a cup of tea before you begin your adventure.

Ultimate Alternations by Tim

I really enjoy how Tim Holtz prepares his classes. Everything is provided except the apron.

There are so many paint and ink colors to choose from!

No matter where you sit in the classroom, you can clearly see and hear Tim's instructions!

I am loving this class!

The pages are made from grunge paper.

I really enjoy using the Distress Ink product.

This is sticky back canvas that was used as the spine.

We had a chance to color our own ribbon!

We had all kinds of elements to add to our book.

Each of the tags were embossed using the different texture fades that are new.

This is my finished book. All I need to do now is add my personal photos and ephemera.

Creative Blocks

I recently took a Tim Holtz class called "Creative Blocks". Tim always has his classes so organized with color photos and instructions! He also provides all the tools and products you will need for a class. Just bring an apron!

This is the planning process.

After deciding where I wanted the different size canvas....I marked the original with x's.

Here I am preparing one of the canvas with a butterfly image.

I wrapped all the canvases with dictionary paper.

Decisions, many paper choices!

Wax was floated on top of images.

My canvas project is beginning to look interesting.

This is my final canvas piece. Fun, Fun, Fun!

A Curious Curio

Our project was a wood curio cabinet with a glass door....all ready to be altered. There were so many delicious techniques that I learned along with lots of FUN!

This is my first step using a color wash. I choose blue, green and yellow wash.

More fun with picking out papers and cutting them to the perfect size!

The papers are glued in place using gel medium.

Isn't nice that Tim is willing to assist!!! My nails were too long to screw into my cabinet the tiniest screw hook!

My hands are definitely ready for a manicure!

This is the beginning of my many choices!

It's good to be able to move items around until you find the "just right" placement.

This tiny cabinet packs a whole lotta stuff! It was great fun making it too!

As always, I have to put my own spin on projects. At home, I added a crystal doorknob from the 30's. In the photo above, you can see that I added a wooden structure so the cabinet won't be tipping over accidentally.

This is the view with the glass door open. The cool thing about the door is that your special "goodies" can be viewed but safe from being handled.

Halloween Coming Soon!

This ATC is one I made using Bernie Berlin's techniques that she showed me. I made a series of Halloween cards and will post them soon . I will explain the techniques that I used to make these cards.
If you love making ATC''ll love making these!