Laugh Out Loud

Goodness - this could be me..... or a couple of my friends.  I love the stamp image of "Laugh Out Loud" and what better reason to laugh at oneself then to have shoes not matching, etc., etc.

Double Entendre

I wonder if this is part of a country song....
In any case, I thought it made a great page with the burlap background in Dina Wakeley's mixed media journal.

Finding Perfect Friends

Oprah has said so many truthful statements and below is one of them.  I know we all have had fair weather friends but I have to say that now I truly have friends I can count on.  All the fair weather peeps have moved on and out of my life..... they are probably in someone else's limo!

Finding Yourself

Gosh, I just love this quote.  And what better place is the middle of nowhere but an ocean?!  The surface is a canvas page from Dina Wakeley's mix media journal.  Gesso was part of the preparation before applying a paint wash.  I applied Distress Inks to enhance areas of the page.  I used most of Catherine Moore's stamp images with a few others thrown in the mix.

Blinded by the Light

What began as a very ugly page turned out to be one of my favs.  I tried a new painting technique that will need more practice.  After much frustration, I decided to paint the entire page black and start over.  Then just before the paint dried, I used a stencil and removed the paint with a baby wipe.  It was an aha moment. The circles were made using a white gel pen after the paint was dried. It was the final touch for the background.  Super happy about this page.

Driving Yourself Happy

The background surface is canvas prepped with gesso. I painted a wash,  heat dried, and then stenciled an accent color.  I love how this turned out.  The car is from B-Line Designs along with the people in the car.  The embellishments are from Tim Holtz.  Love how this page turned out!

Alibi Established

The Cheshire cat goes well with the 1920's outfit and sentiment.  I added glasses in solid red.  The background is a paint wash on a canvas page prepared with gesso first.  I also rubber stamped images for the background using Chalk inks.  I am enjoying Dina Wakeley's mixed media journal.

Destination Unknown

I have used ephemera from all sorts of places: the Canadian map from the 60's, the German Scrap was salvaged from an old art project before being tossed, the "Fun" ticket recently purchased at Junk Bonanza in Minneapolis, and a rubber stamp image that was one of my first purchases - 20 years ago!  I am not sure if the 7 Gypsies fabric tape is even available today.

She Conquered Her Demons

Lynne Perrella has some very interesting ladies.  I combined the head with other stamps in my collection to make the paper doll.  The lace for her skirt was given to me from an art friend living in the UK. I will think of her each time I view my page.

Be Amusing

The rubber stamp image is Character Constructions and one that I have had for a very long time.  The head is separate from the body and does not have arms.  It gives a lot of freedom to choose the expressions with the face, arms and legs.  For the longest time, I was wondering what to do with it and now I have used it quite often. 

The background is using Dina Wakeley's paint and stencils in her mixed media journal.  Such fun!

Be a Kid Again Reminder

I love the sassy cat lady and all the possibilities of quotes for her. The image is Dyan Reaveley's line if you are interested.

Be a Mermaid

Catherine Moore has some very cool images to use for a mermaid theme. This page is a canvas page that was prepared with gesso. I used a collection of blue and green dye stains on top of a stencil. I also misted the canvas with water mopping up the extra moisture with a paper towel. I stamped the images on separate paper, cut out and then adhered to the journal page. I loved how this paged turned out!

Keep Room in your Heart

Random texture was made on the page before inking by pressing gesso through burlap and then I allowed to dry before proceeding. There are very tiny raised bumps on the page which resisted the inks. Using brown tone Distress Inks on canvas created a look of leather which I love making. I think Lynne Perrella's image goes so well with the quote I chose. This was made in my new Dina Wakley journal.

Courageous Woman

I love this quote..... and Lynne Perrella's stamp image.


I never tire of using bird images in my journals. I especially enjoy this particular quote.

Crow's Feet

This is a page that I completed in Dina Wakley's new mixed media journal. Some of the difference surfaces are a challenge for me but I enjoying the process immensely. I'll be posting more as I finish pages. This page is burlap and I made a tag for the backside to give the page support.


Thank you to the late Lisa Englebrecht who taught me how to do canvas/fabric pages. These pages are canvas in the Dina Wakley's mixed media art journal. I had so much fun with the painting, sewing, layering of textiles and then calligraphy as suggested by Dina herself. I am happy with the result. It's good to keep in mind her mantra of "Oops, oh well!"

Ticket for Imagination

I have several journals that I am currently working on. While paint dries in one journal, I can prepare canvas with gesso and then move to my other journals of inks and paper collages. Instead of posting several entries from the same journal, I'll be posting randomly.

Thoughts about ART

These two pages are from my Dina Wakley mixed media journal on the watercolor paper. The sentiment is one that I have used in one of my journals from a few years ago. I thought I would give Maxine a new identify which is one of Tim Holtz paper dolls. The second page is an image I found in a recent magazine at the office. I think it is suppose to be Audrey Hepburn but hard to know as I didn't take time to read the article. I did, however, change the original image by replacing the picture she is looking at by using one of my own frames and a snippet of my own made "art paper" using alcohol inks. I think I will do a few drawings myself of this figure - I love it so....

Bill & Sara

Don't the new hipster stamps from Tim Holtz make you smile?! When I stamped the goat and ostrich, it made me think of my husband and me as a couple. I think the quote is perfect....

A few favorites....

I absolutely love Dyan Reaveley's journal made by Ranger!  Oh my goodness, you have the freedom to use all types of mediums - super nice!
I tend to make background pages using different colors, stencils and stamps.  Then later, I make my journal pages that work with the backgrounds I made. 
I wasn't sure what to do with the pink/red and bits of green but then Christmas called out to me.
This has become one of my favorite pages that originally was a bit of a nightmare.  I turned the too dark purple into a lush deep midnight blue - perfect for angels.
This spread was done using paints instead of inks. It's a challenge to letter on top of paint - so I probably won't make too many pages using paint, however, I did like how this turned out.

Tag, You're It

I resisted adding art on top of my tag when I completed the background. I so loved the background that I created for approximately 30 different size tags all using the same colors, stamps and stencils. When I found the fish, I thought they would be perfect for this tag!

XYZ Journal

The "XYZ" letters I have had in my studio at least 8+ years.  I thought they were cool, however, I didn't have a home for them until I thought of making this journal.  The cover technique was one that I learned in an altered book workshop several years ago.  The Tim Holtz thinlit gears are perfect for this cover look of industrial along with a couple of other elements that I had.  Red electical tape was applied as an extra design element.
The large red "5" was an earring that I took apart.  I save a lot of 5's for my "Fifth Child Studio" name.
 Apparently I enjoy making tabs as my recent journals are packed with them!
Below are a few of my favorite pages.
I love stamping the tea cup several times and then stacking them.  I liked how this page turned out and I will probably repeat this process.
Okay - I couldn't resist using this image from an old year book from a medical collage.  His smug look was calling out to me to alter his appearance.  I fussy cut the lense part of his glasses and inserted a distress ink color background.  Glossy accents was then added.

"Listen" Journal

This vintage book cover was in such great shape that I decided to add my ephemera on the cover without any other preparations.
Below are a few of my favorite pages giving me the opportunity to use up paper scraps from other projects.
I call these journals "smash" journals too as it's my way of using bits and pieces.

There are so many funny quotes that I have collected - I like pages that make me laugh.
I usually make a western theme in my journals.
I love making layouts with a strong color theme.


The batik material was a perfect match for the cover design - I love how that happened!

I followed Dyan Reavely's technique for cutting pages and reinserting them. (see last photo)
I love this bird image and I use it quite a bit!

Few Fav's from Algebra Journal

When I took the latest Tim Holtz Chemistry 103 class, I created the new techniques in a Dyan Reaveley's journal from Ranger where I had taken the signatures completely apart. I loved being able to try the new techniques on both sides of the signature pages and then choosing whether I wanted them in the finished journal or not. I was also able to determine the order in which the pages appeared. It was super easy to make a Copic binding when I finished making the backgrounds because the holes were already punched. I also divided the pages into three different color themes.
I love all the layering that happens when you use the distress inks, stencils and rubber stamping.
My book is packed full so I was not able to have it lay flat when I took photos.
I love my new city, Minneapolis!
I have always loved this rubber stamp image in my collection.  I researched his name to read about him - super interesting!
I fuzzy cut an image that was from an vintage Christmas card and added it to my page.