Joys Are Our Wings - Book III

Ever make one of those projects for an exchange and wish you could keep it?! I first made a "paper sack" book for an art exchange a few years ago and named the book "Joys Are Our Wings". I enjoyed the process of making the book so much and the recipient was thrilled to receive my book. It's my experience that when I love making a project and it all flows so nicely for me, it seems that good vibes become a part of the artwork....embedded forever.

 Because I had so much fun in making this book and then my exchange partner really loved it ...  I just had to repeat the good feelings. Ever do that too?

When it was my sister's birthday, I decided to make her a paper sack book with vintage family photos and photos of her immediate family at different time periods and used the same title "Joys Are Our Wings". It seemed appropriate even though the pages were totally different. My sister totally loved her book and I loved that she loved it! 

By the way, the first book is posted on my Flickr site and the birthday book for Annie was posted on my blog.

Recently I have come to realize that I missed the process and wanted to make myself a book. I struggled with what theme I wanted to make and what to name my book. After many days, it seemed appropriate for me to use family photos and name my own book "Joys Are Our Wings"! Funny how that worked out.
I used different family photos than the ones in my sister's book. I knew some of the people in the photos and their names. A few I didn't know their names but knew the relationship, i.e., mom's aunt or dad's second cousin.  A couple of photos I had no idea..... so I gave them new names.

I am a rubber stamper and I wanted to use my stash of quotes. Some of the quotes are inspirational and some humorous but the theme of birds, nests, eggs, feathers, etc.,  are entwined with the photos and stories told.
Oh my goodness...did my book ever grow so fat.  You either love books that close completely or bulge.  Personally, I love the bulging books as for me it is so interesting to see what in the world in going on "in there"!   (My altered books NEVER close!  Even when I remove half the pages - it still overflows.... must be my signature!)  Most of the pages are shown below.

I probably worked in this book over a course of weeks - sometimes only a few minutes before heading to work or to bed. I don't think I had more than an hour at any one time. And when it was fat enough for me - I blessed it complete with the artist blessing of "Ahhhh...done".   

I have another sister whose birthday is coming up soon.... should I or shouldn't I?