Lady's Home Journal

Recently I have been recycling old books making them into journals. I am enjoying the process of creating new pages and altering an already existing cover. My stash of journal books ready to go has now been depleted to three. I made these "ready to go" journals for workshops that I cancelled due to my moving from Oklahoma to Minnesota. There wasn't time to prepare for the workshops and pack! I have been slowly consuming my own ready to go product and that makes me very happy!

I named my journal "Lady's Home Journal" as it reminded me of the large magazine that my mother ordered and centered around a woman's life.  Choosing pink, french text, pearls and shoes inspired the contents of my journal.

It was a great opportunity to use paper and ephemera from other completed projects along with my rubber stamps.

Using quotes that my friends post on fb are a great source.  I wasn't on fb when I was doing a lot of calligraphy.  I have lots of quote books and the quotes are pretty boring. The quotes that I love using now make me laugh.... a lot!

I love the challenge of using the left overs.

I had a few girlfriends that were Danielle Steele book lovers.  I personally never read any of her books and this quote is why I never did!