Fun Camera Display

I recently made a trip to Dallas and took time to visit one of my favorite rubber stamp stores, Stamp Asylum. I love shopping there as Melodie is so very helpful and the owner, Monica creates awesome eye candy with art displays and product displays. The camera is a very clever idea for holding brushes!

Sunday Breakfast

My sister gave me four huge crystal cups for my birthday a few years ago. They are for making special coffees. I have not used them too frequently as I don't take the time to make the beverages. But now we are making the yogurt/granola parfaits and I use the cups all the time! Yummy!

Best Girlfriend

This is my best girl friend....I met her through a beginning calligraphy class and we became best friends. Philbrook Museum is hosting a calligraphy exhibit where she has two amazing pieces of art that are presently displayed. I did photograph her two pieces with my digital camera but with the lighting....they just didn't show well for my blog....but her waving hands teasing me did....

She is on her way to becoming a published children's book author and illustrator. She has so much talent!

Fun Book 3x3 Book

What a fun project!! A dear art friend of mine, Sharon, showed me her 3x3 book that she made for a swap. cool! Since then, I have also read where they are referred to as "swing" books….probably because the binding is a simple ring. I also used the tiny metal tags for stamping partial images. I was amazed at how many "tiny" images you can use from a rubber stamp when you are only using a small portion.

This is my cover. I purchased the embellishment at a scrapbooking convention last summer. (I surprised myself at how much stuff I bought even though I am a rubber stamper and not a scrapbooker!) All the pages were made using double-sided cardstock.

The paper in the inside cover came from a package wrapping when I was in Beijing a few years ago. I also used their currency as an embellishment.

The postage stamps I used were given to me by my art friend, Minori who lives in Japan.

I really like using the wax seals. The impression says "Sara". I had purchased a few blank chops when I was in China and had them carved with words and names. I wish I had bought more!

I can not resist saving those fortunes from the Chinese restaurants! I have gobs and they always find their way into my art.

Josh paper is inexpensive and gives a lot of punch! I used Staz-On ink so that the Buddha image would not smudge.

I added a felt flower and a small pearl bead as her earring. I love using this stamped image a lot.

The little girl is stamped on gold vellumn paper. The dragon was made using a punch.

Tim Holtz has a product called "Fragments" that are clear tiles in all sizes. I really love using these!

I bought a box of photo paper from an office supply store. It is perfect for the rubber stamp images that you want to look like photos and a lot less expensive than the glossy paper that is sold "by the sheet". You will find that you can only stamp on the one side and I have marked my box so I don't have to try to remember.

I used Twinkling H2O's. I used pretty much full strength as I wanted it to be vibrant!

Dada Poetry

I first read about Dada Poetry in an old issue of the Oprah magazine. I was intrigued as to how it worked. I encourage you to try it as I have. I think you will be amazed with what you will write! Tip: All the text needs to come from the same source. I was inspired to make these three cards after a women’s retreat. (a previous post)

These three ATC’s that feature the Goddess were all gleaned from the same article…..had nothing to do with the Goddess. This is what happened when I separated the words and re-arranged them. Cool huh?

My sister-in-law, Pat gave me one earring that I recycled into an embellishment. Pat is always saving me great stuff for me to use in my art!! Thanks Pat!!!

I was then inspired to make Dada Poetry using some of my favorite photos. This one shows Charlotte Shockley and her mother in 1945. I rescued the photo from a landfill.

This is a family photo of a homestead with one of my great great aunts. I think it is my favorite one thus far.

January's ATC

I have been in an ATC trade for a couple of years.....and I enjoy the challenge of making art the same size as a baseball card. That is not always easy for me as I like to work big....very big. This year I am going to make more art that will fall into the "inches" category and other small sizes to make me stretch.

Pin Cushion

This is an adorable pin cushion that I purchased from a local art fair last fall. It has been on my drafting table getting quite a workout.

It is made from recycled parts of a sweater. I wish I had taken the business card of the clever lady who made this so I could pass her information to you!