Halloween ATC's

I have been working on Halloween ATC's.....31 of them! Each year I have been wanting to make a collection but never had the time. Now I am making the time....here is just the beginning....

Einstein ATC's

I gave myself the challenge of using the same image rubber stamp and making different ATC's. I decided on one of my favorite rubber stamps of Einstein. He must have been a delightful character to know! Below are my results. I also posted on Flickr where I gave more details.

Adorable Storage!

I found this chest with the very tiny drawers (made in India) when I was in Dallas. It is perfect for all those tiny little embellishments, brads, jump rings, and stuff. Now it is all organized and I don't have to hunt for the Altoids tins that I used previously. And the best thing is that it matches a chest that I already have with the larger drawers. Too cute!

Glorious Buttons!

The Cloth Merchants have an incredible selection of fine fabrics and buttons. I am definitely addicted to buttons!

These are just a few of my buttons that I purchased.....I am going to be using them in my fabric books! I can hardly wait to get started.

Library Pocket Book

This was a Library Pocket Book that was an exchange with my art group. This book was made for my friend, Sharon. The teapot on the front is actually a zipper pull that I purchased in the garment district in NYC a few years ago.

We all were given a template to make this book structure. So it was great selecting your own papers versus ready made card pockets.

Sharon really loves tags so I knew I was going to stuff each pocket for her.

The keyhole is Tim Holtz's grungeboard. I love this product....and I wanted to place an image in the keyhole. I love doing that!

This is my favorite tag that I made....using a technique that I learned in class with Tim Holtz.

Round Robin Projects

This is a navy metal suitcase with very cool hardware.

Even though there are stains inside the suitcase, there are no odors. Apparently this suitcase was stored in the attic versus a basement!

I participated in a couple of online "Fatbooks" and art groups where we exchanged different books.

It didn't take long to have a overflowing collection. For a long time, I just had them in a plastic tub. I added the art projects that were also at one time on the coffee table.

I decided that the suitcase was a better choice and I am going to stack them in the living room (I have several) and then the one on top will be open for friends who are visiting to enjoy. Every month I will switch out the top suitcase. It's better than having art projects stuffed away where you and others can not enjoy them!

Art Friend's Projects

At one time I had all these treasures in my studio...but they just outgrew the space. So I put them all into a serving basket and placed it on my coffee table.

The projects were such a great invitation for visitors to pick up and enjoy. But you can clearly see that this system needs some help.

Ah....the solution is arriving soon!

Doll Wardrobe

I wasn't looking for a doll wardrobe....but can't you just see the possibilities?!

It is in such great shape and I love all the drawers!

I love it that the art hangers that I have will be a perfect fit!

Oh, there are so many things one can do with this!!