Mail Art for Judi

Judi is a "shoe horse" when the theme of "mail art" was selected for our art group, I penciled in my notebook "Shoe for Judi"!  Her response to me made it worth all my creative effort!!!  Thanks girlfriend for all the kudos!
It you want to send a mail art shoe, just be sure to follow the postal regulations.
The birdhouse wooden buttons were given to me by another art friend.  It was perfect for adhering all the flower layers together.
A rubber stamp quote was stamped onto paste paper than I had made in a calligraphy workshop.  It was serendipity that it matched the background paper so well.  I attached a tiny tag I made with hand lettered "fly" with a string.  I received years ago before birds were so popular from another artist in a swap where she added a tag in the bird's beak.  I loved that detail so much that I have added it to my many birds too.
Three small pearls from an old necklace was wired to a nest embellishment before it was secured using E-6000 glue.  A velvet green leaf was placed under the nest.  OMG, I am beyond thrilled that Judi loved receiving her shoe!

Architectural Surprise

Kimberly and I were walking in Paris and came across this particular building.....
What's so amazing about it is that is seems to go on...... f o r e v e r......
With so many details.....
Love all the elements....
Did they even consider that maybe it's too big?
Can you imagine what the architectural plans looked like?
Oh so very interesting.....
Are those vents?
Is this the front entrance? 

Art for Sharon

I sure hope Sharon loves the charm I made for her as I really, really, really didn't want to give it up after I made it....ever have those moments?!
The blank little tin was the perfect size I think for Sharon's round robin necklace.  Of course, she loved visiting Versailles and Paris last year.  I thought perhaps this would be a reminder of her great trip!
I used a "frame"embellishment for Marie's photo and then applied Diamond Glaze on top.
I debated with myself for a long time about which way I wanted my "locket" to open.  Since it does take effort to open it, I thought the top would not slide off and be lost. I wanted Sharon to be able to share with a possible admirer of the contents without the inside content being upside down.  On the flip side, Sharon will be the one to view it upside down if she opens it while wearing it. Hopefully, my end decision was a good one!
I did find an Eiffel Tower charm in my stash and with handy wire clippers I removed the charm's loop which allowed me to glue the charm flat against the paper using E-6000.  The little red hanger was attached to the bottom tin using my husband's tool for seting grommets.  This was my first time using this tool and it was hard for me because of the weight and size of the tool.  Definitely not made for smaller hands!  He did insist that I keep this tool for my art room, however, I will be asking him to set the grommets in my next project!

Musee d'Orsay

The d'Orsay is such a lovely building.
The details are very cool.
Is there something on her head?
Oh...that must be one of the pigeons from NYC.
I love this!
Isn't this adorable?
This one is amazing.
I use this image in my artwork all the time.....I had no idea that it was on the grounds of d'Orsay!
This was my lunch at the museum's restaurant.
My art sisters

For more information on the museum, click on the link:  Musee d'Orsay

Little Free Library

We have several "Little Free Libraries" in our neighborhood. I have asked my husband to build one for us. When you register your library, you'll be added to the "map".
All those 75+ year old windows that I saved from the landfill during the many years of dumpster diving every spring in Cincinnati will come to good use.  These windows were removed from the old Victorian houses for updating with better rated energy saving windows.  I have probably saved over one hundred windows in all different sizes.  Most were given away to friends who wanted to use them in greenhouses, art decoration, etc., etc.  The more unusual ones were sold when I owned an antique business.  I gave away the remainder windows preparing for my move from Oklahoma to Minnesota.  However, my resourceful sister-in-law has a small stash.....going to ask for one medium size one for our new library.

I have lots of books to start the library.  Of course, they are mostly art books ranging from the "how-to" on painting, upholstery, drawing, collage, rubber stamping, gardening, knitting, quilting, furniture refinishing, and a self-help books.  I will be cruising the local libraries when they have their free give aways to obtain the children's books.  It will be fun I think!
The light at the top of the house is solar powered so you can even collect/return books after hours.  I am very excited about this project.... maybe you can build one too and inspire your friends and family to join in on the fun!   To learn more about this awesome project, visit the LittleFreeLibrary

I will post our project upon completion.

The Unexpected....

Just walking gate. stone wall.
Is someone following us?
Is that our long dead relative..... in Paris?

Come Walk With Me

My one hour long walk includes Lake Harriet and Minnehaha Creek before returning home again.  I am only a couple of blocks from both locations......and the trails are connected.  I am so very lucky, lucky to have such a diverse and beautiful walking experience!!! I absolutely live in a piece of heaven on earth here in Minneapolis. Love it, love it. The photos were taken along my path in late June 2012.  The end of the trail will bring a smile as it is very unexpected.  It was the last photo I took before my camera battery needed to be recharged. 
We're crossing the street at the end of our block and a man is pulling his wooden canoe to Lake Harriet!

Minneapolis is a community that embraces A R T and self-expression. It's been called "Mini apple s" as a reference to New York City.....only the best part of NYC is found here! Did I already say that I LOVE IT HERE?!!!!