Art for Sharon

I sure hope Sharon loves the charm I made for her as I really, really, really didn't want to give it up after I made it....ever have those moments?!
The blank little tin was the perfect size I think for Sharon's round robin necklace.  Of course, she loved visiting Versailles and Paris last year.  I thought perhaps this would be a reminder of her great trip!
I used a "frame"embellishment for Marie's photo and then applied Diamond Glaze on top.
I debated with myself for a long time about which way I wanted my "locket" to open.  Since it does take effort to open it, I thought the top would not slide off and be lost. I wanted Sharon to be able to share with a possible admirer of the contents without the inside content being upside down.  On the flip side, Sharon will be the one to view it upside down if she opens it while wearing it. Hopefully, my end decision was a good one!
I did find an Eiffel Tower charm in my stash and with handy wire clippers I removed the charm's loop which allowed me to glue the charm flat against the paper using E-6000.  The little red hanger was attached to the bottom tin using my husband's tool for seting grommets.  This was my first time using this tool and it was hard for me because of the weight and size of the tool.  Definitely not made for smaller hands!  He did insist that I keep this tool for my art room, however, I will be asking him to set the grommets in my next project!

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