Tim Holtz Classes

Lucky Me....I have taken four classes for the past two days with Tim Holtz at Stamp Asylum in Plano, Texas! This was my first opportunity to take classes, I usually only have the time to shop at Stamp Asylum. It is a great destination!

I have given the class description as posted by Stamp Asylum below. I will write about my awesome experience later and post photos of my projects!


Transparent visions can often tell a story of your artistic dreams. In this workshop you will explore creating works of art seen through various shaped clear fragments. Capture photographic memoirs and artistic elements of days gone by to express your visions of life. Learn techniques on transfers, layered ephemera, alcohol ink tinting, and faux etching as you create a mosaic mirror masterpiece. Experience a world of creativity that can only be seen through your transparent illusion.


Explore the world of whimsical winged birds in this one of a kind workshop. Let your creativity soar as you create an artistic bird of your own. Learn techniques on distressing with paints, collage and dimensional assemblage. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination and trust me when I say there are more findings, charms and elements than your wildest dreams can envision. Your creative bliss awaits you to take flight.

Have you been intrigued by the eclectic mix of products in the idea-ology line? Does your mind wonder at the possibilities? This workshop will satisfy your creative wishes as we design and assemble numerous wearable pieces using idea-ology. Learn a variety of jewelry making tips and tricks as you customize your creation into one-of-a-kind couture. Explore the endless ideas that await you as we discover the intrigue of idea-ology.

Got Grunge and don’t know what it is or what to do with it? Explore what makes this innovative product so versatile and creatively clever to work with. We will incorporate inks, paints, embellishment and a variety of tools including masks, sanding grip and the Tiny Attacher to really show you how to design with Grungeboard and Grungepaper. Create a very “grungy” mini book filled with elements you create yourself from Grungeboard and Grungepaper. It is a new world and a new generation - one I like to call generation grunge ….


This is another 3x3 book that I made for an exchange. I am definitely hooked on these little books! Enjoy!

Shaving Cream Technique

This is a shaving cream technique that both the rubber stampers, paper artists and calligraphers do to make very cool, marble like backgrounds. The paper I used here was Arches Text Wove. It stands up well to the abuse.

For those who have not tried this technique, this is how to do it. The cheapest shaving cream works best. I like putting the cream into a shallow pan - jelly roll pan works best for me. Then smooth out like frosting a cake. Add drops of different watercolors and if you are a rubber stamper, you can use the reinkers. Then make swirls, circles, or waves but only go through the cream once. The hair picks from the 50's and 60's work great. This is my first page. Place the paper on top of the cream and lightly press. Lift page off. I did this technique in a workshop and scraped the cream off. If I was home, I would have rinsed it with cold water. When you rinse, the colors are not altered...you can tell where the spatula scraped the paper. Also, I use most of the time reinkers that are permanent dye-base....and not subject to fading when rinsing in water. Set your paper aside to dry.

I then placed another sheet on top and did the same thing. You can see that the second sheet is not as vibrant as the first page....continue adding until the color is gone. You can then smooth out the cream and add drops of color and make your designs. Repeat until your exhausted....either you or your paper supply. You can also use cardstock.

This is my last sheet. If you have a really cool design....think about making a color copy and keeping your original.

Here's Looking @ You!

I was looking through family reunion photos from a couple of years ago. I totally forgot about this photo I took while visiting the sculpture gardens in St. Louis. Wish I had taken a photo of husband poking the eye...that would have been very weird.

Antique Suitcases

I love collecting the antique suitcases! They are perfect for storage. This is a set of luggage that I use as bedside table. They hold my personal correspondence, journals, and photos. The silver scroll work at the top is the edge of a silver platter that I purchased at an estate sale that was really cheap. It needs replating....which I won't do. I love the condition it is in...and it is large and heavy. On top is my lamp, clock, and books that I read in bed.

This set of luggage came from one estate sale where I also got a photo of the owner taking a trip with her sister. There's the luggage on the tarmac before they board American Airlines. They are all dressed up....those were the days! I kept all the labels, stickers, and personal identification tags on the luggage.

I have been so fortunate that when I have purchased the luggage pieces, that I have the original tags and keys. They also have the most interesting locks! I make my own labels for the suitcases so I can remember what's inside. These are in my studio.

This is my favorite suitcase. It is a traincase and in great condition. It holds all my wax linen threads.

These two suitcases were purchased at in Iowa at an auction. They are children's suitcases. One holds my materials for doll making stuff and the other holds material for my fabric books.

A Royal Duty - An Altered Book

I absolutely love making altered books! I also especially like taking workshops teaching altered books. I think it is because I know that I will FINISH the book! I have about three books that are unfinished and I don't know exactly when I will be motivated to complete them. The main reason for this is that they do not have a special theme. That makes all the difference for me! I also can not make altered books that will close.....I have tried but I apparently love too much stuff!

This class was taught by Beverly from B-Line Designs. I love taking workshops from her as she is so generous with her knowledge and has a zillion creative ideas! She supplied the books for the workshop and this one was titled "A Royal Duty". So I decided to make the altered book theme the same as the title! Although the book was written about Princess Diana, I included Kings and Queens.


I am EXCITED that I finished this book!