Bingo Card III

It was exciting to use some of my tiny bits of scraps. Then I just had to back away from my work surface so that I wouldn't add any more stuff!

Bingo Card II

The image I used for this bingo card is a photograph of a French woman. I love using her in a lot of my art work. She looks like she has a lot to say and always with an attitude. The map shows the part of the country where I was raised!

Altered Bingo Card

I have a few different size bingo cards in my art stash. Most of them are vintage....but before I alter those, I thought I would process some of my ideas on the new cards purchased from a local store. I am thinking of making a series.
I am participating in a monthly art swap and I have requested an altered bingo card. I have received a couple of cards so far....and although they are very clever and very arty...they are not "exactly" the altered bingo card I have been dreaming about.
So I may make my own. I do appreciate the cards I am receiving with the artist's own vision of what an altered bingo card should be.....and maybe I can give up my expectation that it should actually be a "bingo" card!

It's in the Mail!!!

This is the third shoe I have mailed! I think the guy at the post office is getting use to me mailing odd stuff!

One lucky young woman is getting this shoe with she appreciates my art!

It arrived safely and she LOVES it. The shoe was the talk of the office!

Zentangle Butterfly

This was my first attempt at making a large Zentangle project. I decided to make a Zentangle as a personal challenge. This butterfly is a trade in the art group in which I belong.

I definitely need to practice and try out some design ideas. However, I am pleased at how my project turned out and it was definitely fun to make!

This is the back view. I added a silk ribbon for hanging.

Alice In Wonderland

Who could resist making a postcard book with the theme of Alice in Wonderland?.....not me! So I took a class being taught by Dianne Hicks at Stamp Asylum in Plano, Texas recently. It was wonderful having Dianne teach so I could learn some new techniques. After I saw her article and art in the latest Mar/Apr '10 Somerset Studio issue, pgs 22-25...I knew this would be a fun class!

The backgrounds are photos taken by Dianne of her backyard. They have been altered using paints and glazes. Don't you just love the idea of what looks like a rabbit hole?!

The class used carved rubber stamps made by Dianne for the large images in our books. I chose to make a tag for "Drink Me" instead of a rubber stamp.

I love the Cheshire cat perched on the tree limb. Isn't that an awesome carved tree stamp!

This particular page was a disaster for me.....I misunderstood what the directions were for this page...however, Dianne rescued me. At home I had a chance to redo some of the images and take time to color the caterpillar, add smoke, and repaint Alice. Now this is one of my favorite pages!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the double page spread! I completed these two pages at home and I am glad that I did. I used a background foliage stamp by B-Line Designs that I thought fit perfectly. I was able to paint gesso to extend the table....and use those great Copic markers, too!

These two pages were completed in class. I switched the page layout as I wanted the rabbit to be looking into the book.

I had a great time making these pages. The King was made in class and I finished the other page at home. I used a rubber stamp from my collection for the arch background.

The Red Queen was almost completed in class and the following page I made in my studio. I decided to use rubber stamps for the quote and a grunge board crown from Tim Holtz.

I used text from an old Alice in Wonderland book and made a top/bottom border using a rubber stamp from my collection.

Alice in Wonderland is now complete with the fibers given to me in class! I really like how this book looks and enjoyed completing the processes at home. What I learned from Dianne was using the glazes that gives a lot of depth. And of course, the shopping opportunity at Monica's store! She has an awesome staff, too! Thanks Dianne and Monica!