Happy Halloween!

Tim Holtz posted a project by Emma Williams on his blog and the use of the Tim Holtz die cut for the scrolling trees was all I needed for a jump start on inspiration.  I am so lucky to have a huge collection of cigar boxes - I can grab from the attic anytime I want to make a shadow box.
I used all the Halloween items that I already had in my studio.  The detailed fence is a Tim Holtz die cut.  I love his designs!  It did take me some time to remove all the tiny bits after die cutting but so worth all the effort.  I embossed the fence using detailed black embossing powder and it really gave the appearance of a black iron fence.
The miniature pumpkins came from Michaels Craft store and the wood letters are... of course, a Tim Holtz product!
This was the first time I used the spider web product.  Super cool.

Don't you love the "Found Relatives" that Tim Holtz has?  I have lots of vintage photos, however, none for a particular theme like Halloween.

So this is what I was doing in my studio on Saturday.... having fun!

My New Toy

My new toy - it's in wonderful condition and it's perfect for my art, especially ATC's! I believe my typewriter is either a 1933 or 1934 model. Everyone should look so good being so old!

I purchased the vintage typewriter stand for $6.00!  It was a "score" moment!

Dessert Queen

My Aunt Dorothy is an amazing Iowa farmer's wife.  She made the most amazing desserts and was known in our family as the "Dessert Queen".  I was over the moon when Somerset Studio featured my art honoring Aunt Dorothy.
The photo I used was taken on her wedding day in the early 40's. 

Thank You Somerset Studio!

Somerset Studio did a great job photographing some of my pages in the recent "Women of Grit" article.  I wanted to share some of the pages that were not featured along the altered cigar box that I made to hold all the pages.

 I used zipper pulls that were salvaged which made the perfect handles for the wardrobe.

I used quotes from famous women for each page.  The faces are from my rubber stamp collection and the dresses were Dover Clip Art from the 1920's. 

Love the Journals

My completed journals have filled the lawyer's bookcase in the living room, filled two large boxes and now my bookcase in my studio. I'm not sure where I am going to put my future completed journals.... I am pretty darn sure I am not through making them!

Storage Option Dream

On a recent antiquing trip, I found this vintage counter with all the drawers in wonderful condition.  It probably came from an old hardware/feed store.

I dream of a studio space that would easily have the space for such a piece!

Road Trip

My amazing husband of 45 years of marriage planned a wonderful two day get-away to Minnesota's Itasca State Park.  This is where the Mississippi begins as well as home to the oldest white pine forest dating back to the 1700's.

We even had the adventure of climbing the old Ranger's Fire Tower which was about nine stories high and worth every step to see the bird's eye view of the surrounding forest.

One lake in particular, Mary Lake, had such crystal clear blue water and the perfect mirror images of the shoreline.
(Photo above) This is the Mississippi River where you can cross on the rocks to the other side - about 25 feet and two feet deep.  Lake Itasca is on the other side of the rocks.  Such a beautiful spot.  I did not take the adventure crossing as I am still in recovery from major foot surgery.

Future Potential Project

The escutcheon and door knob was removed from a picture frame that I purchased from Tuesday Morning. Even better yet, it was on clearance! I have a project in mind for this tiny escutcheon and door knob - photos to follow.

French Journal

The French language book is from the 1920's and small in size.  I am using the covers only.  The covers are punched for a spiral binding along with all the pages.

I like working on pages unbound. I can sew, rubber stamp, paint, etc. without having to adjust for gutters or uneven surfaces which make rubber stamping a super challenge.  Having unbound pages also gives you freedom to decide the order in which you want your finished pages to appear.

This is the inside cover with the loose pages punched and ready to go.  I have made all the pages using manila card stock.  Presently, I am on page ten - completed book to follow.

Lady's Home Journal

Recently I have been recycling old books making them into journals. I am enjoying the process of creating new pages and altering an already existing cover. My stash of journal books ready to go has now been depleted to three. I made these "ready to go" journals for workshops that I cancelled due to my moving from Oklahoma to Minnesota. There wasn't time to prepare for the workshops and pack! I have been slowly consuming my own ready to go product and that makes me very happy!

I named my journal "Lady's Home Journal" as it reminded me of the large magazine that my mother ordered and centered around a woman's life.  Choosing pink, french text, pearls and shoes inspired the contents of my journal.

It was a great opportunity to use paper and ephemera from other completed projects along with my rubber stamps.

Using quotes that my friends post on fb are a great source.  I wasn't on fb when I was doing a lot of calligraphy.  I have lots of quote books and the quotes are pretty boring. The quotes that I love using now make me laugh.... a lot!

I love the challenge of using the left overs.

I had a few girlfriends that were Danielle Steele book lovers.  I personally never read any of her books and this quote is why I never did!