Lady's Home Journal

Recently I have been recycling old books making them into journals. I am enjoying the process of creating new pages and altering an already existing cover. My stash of journal books ready to go has now been depleted to three. I made these "ready to go" journals for workshops that I cancelled due to my moving from Oklahoma to Minnesota. There wasn't time to prepare for the workshops and pack! I have been slowly consuming my own ready to go product and that makes me very happy!

I named my journal "Lady's Home Journal" as it reminded me of the large magazine that my mother ordered and centered around a woman's life.  Choosing pink, french text, pearls and shoes inspired the contents of my journal.

It was a great opportunity to use paper and ephemera from other completed projects along with my rubber stamps.

Using quotes that my friends post on fb are a great source.  I wasn't on fb when I was doing a lot of calligraphy.  I have lots of quote books and the quotes are pretty boring. The quotes that I love using now make me laugh.... a lot!

I love the challenge of using the left overs.

I had a few girlfriends that were Danielle Steele book lovers.  I personally never read any of her books and this quote is why I never did!

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Sharon said...

How thrilled I was to see a new post on your blog! Isn't it great to use up those "left overs"? This is a marvelous book! I love that you patterned it after the ladies' magazine. Your cover is scrumptious! Love that coral pink and that you have the lovely centerpiece on it. Those quotes are too funny! I love looking at quotes on FB.....lots of inspiration there. Each page you've posted is begging for a closer look! LOL I'm so glad you're having time to work in these books/journals. I've made a list of the journals I want to do.... amazing how many things lend themselves to art journals. And I'm excited about that! I always love looking at your work, Sara. It always inspires me to get on with creating! Love to you! Sharon xx