Pending Artwork

My project when I was in Arkansas with my sister was to paint my fabric pages for a book that I am making. I challenged myself to work in a different color pallet than I usually work with. It took awhile before I found my "groove". The weather was perfect and I worked outside with nature. I made a portable laundry line to hang my pages to dry. The following photos are only half of what I painted. I find that I do better with my art projects if I have choices, extra for mistakes, and some to tear into smaller pieces for embellishments.

My sister had equally as much fun as she set up a sewing station with her Singer Featherweight on the deck.

After my project, I took a nap on the deck listening to her sewing machine hum away. That has to be the first nap outside ever....I never had an opportunity before.....what a great experience! (It wouldn't be the same in Midtown Tulsa!

I am definitely going to have fun making this book!


My sister and I went to two quilt shops in Mountain Home, Arkansas when we were on vacation together. My favorite quilt store is called "Remember Me" as they carry an amazing selection of "arty" fabrics. I am addicted to I purchased lots of those!

The second shop is smaller but they also have wonderful choices!

Generation Grunge

This was my last class with Tim Holtz. I can not begin to explain how generous Tim was with his knowledge of techniques and gobs of ephemera AND gobs of product that was included in each class!
The inside pages are "Grunge Paper". I love this product! The page on the left has a "spinner" which is very cool....just spin it around!

There are quite a few pages in the book. You can actually purchase the kit which is called "Grungebook" that has the 6x6 grungeboard cover and 6 grungeboard pages. (You can always order from Stamp Asylum-reasonable shipping, too!)

Idea-ology Jewelry

Fun! Fun! FUN!!! This class was beyond my wildest expectations! I completed every project IN CLASS and guess did everyone else! Tim gave great instructions!

Five completed projects and each one so different. I learned so many techniques, my head is swimming!

This is a special hello to Kayla who has ordered "a message in a bottle" necklace. I will be making this for you very soon!

Idea-ology Intrigue

This was another amazing class! This was my first experience with really working with an assemblage like this one. Tim provided the birds, Mario who was Tim's assistant, drilled our holes where we needed them. Tim also provided gobs and gobs of findings from the Paris Flea Market for us.....we had as many choices as we wanted! My completed project rests now on antique field glasses that I had at home!

I will post the final photograph of my completed project later.

Transparent Illusions

I LOVED this class! I had approximately 80 tiles to make art....and gobs of techniques and information! Tim was super generous with ephemera, too! Here are some beginning photos.

This is just the beginning!
This is the stash I completed in my studio at home. Now I have lots to choose from when I am making art projects!