Paris was an easy theme for my friend Sharon. I chose her favorite color of card stock, then stamped French text.  Embossing in white was a nice contrast and added texture. Her address was written on a tiny slip of paper tucked in the typewriter. (I would have typed her address if I hadn't sold my antique typewriter at a moving sale) Thank you Susan for the red Express Special Delivery label. She scored a variety of labels on Ebay and generously sent me some! The Paris post is a rubber stamp, the train ticket is from my Paris trip and the typewriter image from Catherine Moore.

This was the photo of the backside of the postcard before mailing. I added an Eiffel Tower brad, punched the fleur de lis, and the final addition of the letters were made using Tim Holtz's alterations alpha. I cut both colors of card stock at the same time. I blessed Sharon's postcard "done" at this point and I was ready to mail.....but wait......
Then Ania brought into the office yummy chocolate treats. I couldn't resist trimming the "Merci" from the candy wrapper and adding it to the art Aha Moment. We all agreed that it was the perfect touch!  Don't you just love it when things like that happen?!

Winter Wonderland

The snow began early Sunday morning and by noon we had about ten inches of snow. My husband got out the snowblower and took care of the sidewalks and driveways for us and our neighbors on both sides. Before his chore ended, the snow had continued to fall and covered up all his efforts. It was such a stunning gentle snow fall. I so enjoyed the beauty of it all and I was so excited that this happened on Sunday instead of Monday morning rush hour. How often does that happen?!

View from our kitchen doorway at the back of the house.

This is another view from the kitchen doorway.

In the end, we received about fourteen inches.


Inspired by the wonderful charms that my round-robin group made for my necklace caused me to dig for the buried charms from a group project that was published in the Belle Armoire addition a few years ago. I thought I would use the charms but I never got around to adding them for a bracelet or necklace. Ever do that....think about doing something and then forgetting about it later. Years pass by?... So I found the abandoned charms from the past and added them to the necklace. Now I can enjoy and be inspired by all the very clever and talented artists who made them.

This particular charm is my absolute favorite one! I wish I knew who the artist was! If you see this and it's you, please let me know and I will rewrite this post and give you the credit you deserve. Perhaps you can tell me how it is made. Love it, love it.