"Define It" by Sharon

Sharon loves letter forms and words in addition to being a mixed-media artist.  She was recently a guest artist in Stamper's Sampler summer issue featuring her amazing cards along with a wonderful interview.  She altered an existing calendar for "Define It" giving each participating artist an opportunity to use images, photos and rubber stamping to define their chosen letter.  I selected the letter "P" for Pisces.  I so enjoyed working in her book! 
I love the idea of altering an existing calendar and I'm now inspired to alter one from my personal stash!

I adhered blue mulberry paper to represent water.
Loved using my Pisces stamp!  I added star embellishments everywhere there was a star in the stamp design.  To emphasize the theme, I added text using a label gadget.
The images of the bathing beauties are from Graphic 45. 
The fish man is one of my favorite rubber stamp images.  He so much fun to dress in different clothes which takes a bit of fussy cutting and planning but worth all the effort!
I think Sharon will especially enjoy the collage work on this page.  It was fun adding different textures.
This was my last page - Sharon requested that we do four pages.  I added the yarn to the edges of each page and sewed tabs using the extra canvas from the background I used on the 1st page.  I dyed the canvas material using Tim Holtz sprays and stencils several years ago for a major project.  I have small sizes left that I enjoy using in my art.  My stash is almost depleted and I will need to take time to do more.   It's a messy process and I like doing a bunch so I have a supply on hand.
The odd shapes are from a piece of jewelry that I took apart.  I think they make interesting "pretend" stones or shells.  I added bling where the hole was drilled.

Marsha's Vintage Faux Album

I loved Marsha's theme of original photos
from Opal Thorpe's photo album
making fictional stories of her life.

I couldn't resist the idea of both of them loving each other's home
however, in the end loving their own country's home more.

Pat's Nature Journal

I enjoyed being the first participant to contribute to Pat's book. I find for myself that I am more free to implement my ideas because no one else has done them in her book yet.