Personal Art Journal

I started this particular art journal a few years ago and it just became a part of my bookshelves.... blending in with the numerous other books. I placed it on the shelves to begin with because I grew tired of the project. Recently, it caught my eye and I became inspired to complete it.  The first thing I did was remove the contents completely and insert watercolor paper.  Wow...that really gave me freedom to create something new!

I did not make any changes to the cover that I had altered previously.
 This book was an encyclopedia and I altered the volume "S".
I made tabs as the watercolor paper I chose was handmade with irregular edges.  It makes for easier page turning.

I gave myself lots of freedom to create. 
 These are some of my favorite quotes.
 I enjoyed adding imagery from magazines.
 I also added
 I loved this image from a magazine and added the quote I had saved - both from long time ago.

Delicious News: MCBA - Minnesota Center for Book Arts

I am over the moon that my handmade books are being offered through MCBA! I had a great time making "FifthChildStudio" tags for each book to be sold.  They are only a few blocks away from my office and I can see that in the future, I'll be possibly missing from work!  You check out MCBA here:

 The photo isn't great - the book has a navy leather cover.

YIKES - I totally forgot to photograph the deep plum leather book that this tag was made for!  I think it is my fav!

Altered Cabinet Card for Pat

We exchanged altered cabinet cards in our round robin group.  This is my cabinet card I altered.  I have no idea if the little girl is actually three years old - I made her three along with wings that are only attached at the back.  I was able to slice gently along the dress line to make the insert.  Copic markers were used to color the photo. The umbrella is from Paper Whimsy.

Art Journal Recycled

This is one of my many art journals that I have used for personal notes when I was taking a seminar series.  I am keeping the notes and adding my own version of a "smash" journal.  I will share some of my favorite pages when I am finished..... whenever that will be.

 The cover is made with scraps of polymer clay.

What's in your junk trunk?

I had so much fun teaching this class in Iowa hosted by my sweet sister, Annie!  Here are the completed vintage train cases - all done in one day with a morning, lunch and afternoon break!  These ladies ROCK!  Thank you for allowing me to teach you!

 More classes will be scheduled until my stash of train cases are gone! 

ATC Supply Box

The altered cigar box makes for fun storage of blank ATC cards ready to go for when I am in the creative mood.  The sculpted face was made using a mold and paper clay and headdress are of black feathers.  I painted it with Claudine Hellmuth's paint which also made a great sealer.  I hung a tag made by one of my art friends on one of the keys - just a reminder of how nice it is to have kindred spirits.  I love the Tim Holtz drawer legs.
Inside View

"Sister Act" published in RSM!

Paper dolls was one of our exchanges this year in our art group.  For myself, I made a banner for all seven art dolls appropriately named "Seven Sisters".  Then I submitted the banner to RubberStampMadness, which is one of my favorite rubber stamping magazines.  They did an awesome presentation and feature story on my banner.  Thank you RSM!

A little bit about my process, I spent a day making all the dolls so it was an easy exchange for me as I really love making paper dolls!  I marked on the back of the doll the name of recipient and appropriate date. 
I should have done a better job of recording what I named each doll! However, knowing the recipient and making the doll specific for her was very easy!
I am naming this doll "For the Birds".
Mrs. O'Brien goes to the Parade.
Miss Oklahoma Tea Tax
Miss World Peace
Sara relocates to Minneapolis
Sara goes to Paris