Delicious News: MCBA - Minnesota Center for Book Arts

I am over the moon that my handmade books are being offered through MCBA! I had a great time making "FifthChildStudio" tags for each book to be sold.  They are only a few blocks away from my office and I can see that in the future, I'll be possibly missing from work!  You check out MCBA here:

 The photo isn't great - the book has a navy leather cover.

YIKES - I totally forgot to photograph the deep plum leather book that this tag was made for!  I think it is my fav!

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Sharon said...

What a fantastic venue for you to sell your books! I can't imagine that they would not sell! You deserve to be recognized, Miss Sara. Crossing fingers for lots of attention on these gorgeous books of yours. And those tags! Once again, your artwork just blows me away!
much love, Sharon