Personal Art Journal

I started this particular art journal a few years ago and it just became a part of my bookshelves.... blending in with the numerous other books. I placed it on the shelves to begin with because I grew tired of the project. Recently, it caught my eye and I became inspired to complete it.  The first thing I did was remove the contents completely and insert watercolor paper.  Wow...that really gave me freedom to create something new!

I did not make any changes to the cover that I had altered previously.
 This book was an encyclopedia and I altered the volume "S".
I made tabs as the watercolor paper I chose was handmade with irregular edges.  It makes for easier page turning.

I gave myself lots of freedom to create. 
 These are some of my favorite quotes.
 I enjoyed adding imagery from magazines.
 I also added
 I loved this image from a magazine and added the quote I had saved - both from long time ago.

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Sharon said...

Sara, this is such a great journal. The cover is fabulous! I love that you added magazine pictures. My granddaughter and I love doing that. I miss her not being here. It's a long way to go on a Saturday to Nashville! LOL I wish I had time to just do journals, but so many other things catch my attention, too. ") I love our club swaps! Keep working on these journals!