My Paris Journal

Can you believe that I traveled to Paris at the end of October 2011 and only now have I FINALLY completed my journal!?! My Paris Journal evolved from what I originally envisioned from an art doll theme to making a record of my trip. I decided to go for the feel of a modern scrapbook. You can imagine how many photos I had to choose from my stash for my book. Being very selective with choosing only a couple dozen photos to work with really helped me keep focused on telling my story of those special moments. I used tags, envelopes, and hidden pockets that recorded the stories I wanted to savor and share.
The very tiny Paris travel book was purchased in Paris just for this book...I think it's perfect for Madame to hold.
This particular book was suggested by Catherine Moore as it was the exact size she was looking for to hold our signatures.  Catherine provided lots of goodies for our books and then we collected treasures during our trip. A whole lot of exchanging of other papers and embellishments within the group made for a great source of materials.
I did enjoy adding my rubber stamp images to enhance the story.

The signature papers are all different sizes in widths and weights. It gave me a great opportunity to add all kinds and shapes of tabs which make me very happy!  I used a lot of Graphics 45, love, love their designs. I brought a few extra sheets and donated them to our artist's pile to exchange.

I made a paper slit in the typewriter which holds my note. I recently made a mail art piece for an artist friend and did the same thing as I thought it was cool enough to repeat.

The postcard was purchased in Paris. I made a tiny slit in the photo where the train doors would open which made an excellent place to tuck my metro tickets.

Catherine gave us the photo of the corsets...perfect! 
The tiny paper clip is from the Tim Holtz line and holds the tag closed.  Inside is my note about experience of my trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower.
My sister-in-law gave me a label "Vogue Paris Original" years and years ago.  You never know when the just right place happens where your special embellishment works out great.  This is why I probably save way too much stuff - it's that "you never know when" thing.  The "xoxo" were clear plastic letters that I colored with alcohol inks.
I added tiny envelopes with "samples" as my embellishment.  A decorated envelope holds my notes on the opposite page along with a photo of Catherine.
I enjoyed making a few Character Construction dolls for my pages.  
I made paper hinges for the post card and on the backside is where I wrote about the day spent with the Moore's touring MA's beloved country home.  The place setting was given to me from my sister-in-law who had received a dinner invitation and removed it from her invitation.  I have had it my stash for sometime so I was excited to have found the "just right place" for it.
Catherine gave all of us the lovely image of the dress form.  I printed out our last evening's dinner menu on it. The Moores gave us a gift of a private chef who prepared and served our meal for our last night together.
For each shop and/or restaurant we visited, I collected their business cards and then I used them in my book. 
There were some very interesting business cards.  A couple included maps on the back which I thought was great!
I was lucky that the postcards that I purchased went so well with the photos that I had taken.
I added a transparency on top to hold my postcard in place.  It was mailed to me at my home address (from Kimberly) while in Paris.  I thought that idea was delicious because I now have correspondence with postal cancellation from Paris!  How cool is that!?!
The background paper is from Catherine's collection and it is perfect addition to my story.
Since this page was made, I did add embellishments to the top of the pocket but I didn't update with a photo.  I felt like something was missing until I made the additions.
I love how my postcard and scrapbooking papers go so well together. I did add Tim Holtz's letters and wrote "Paris" for the pocket.
A friend at work brought in chocolates one day where the box was embossed in gold  lettering "Merci".  There I go again, saving the text for the perfect spot.  I placed it on the page at an angle which also serves as a page "tab".
I think these two pages are my favorite. I was able to insert a photo of Paris during the World Exposition taken by National Geography into a plastic pocket that I saved which held a price tag from a piece of furniture I purchased.  I added eyelets to mount the plastic pocket to the page.
I used a "spinner" embellishment from the Tim Holtz's line to secure my inserted card closed.
Ta da...I made an Eiffel Tower popup for my book.  I have made a few of these and they are always fun to do even though I have to restudy the directions and start over as if I have never made one!
The postcard I attached is one that shows the inside of what was once the train depot and
is now the Musee de-Orsay.
This is an actual vintage photo of the Eiffel Tower.
I used tiny staples from the Tim Holtz line to attach.
I used the inside packaging of the chocolate box that I wrote about above
as my background for the doll.....who could resist "merci".
This page holds my photo that I took of the Eiffel Tower at night. On the right side,
I made pockets for special business cards collected and tags with notes.
This is the last page in my book and shows photos from our last night together.
I attached a personal note about my trip and used Graphics 45 paper as the liner paper in my book.
The scrapbook paper is the resist paper from Tim Holtz.
This view is the top of my book and you can see all the different size pages....I love that!
This view is of the spine with charms.
And this is how my book lays on the shelf...beckoning the viewer to check it out.
As I have written before, my books are always jammed with goodies
and I am not finished until the book has a certain amount of "fatness" to it!