Project Pronounced Complete #6

This tiny book (encyclopedia) would be a great altered book, or so I thought. The red covers were in great shape and it was the perfect color for an Alice in Wonderland book. However, the pages were so brittle that after removing most of them, what was left could not be glued together. The paper kept tearing in the smallest of small sizes! My only solution was to add paper to the group of pages and anchor the group of pages by sewing and/or eyelets. What started out as a great project grew to be a big headache. So this little project was placed, no thrown into a box to deal with later. And later turned into a great length of time. As the story goes, I pulled out the book with renewed energy and completed the pages in record time. The last trick was to use all dry adhesive. I have a few more of these books and I am going to completely remove all the pages and insert my own signatures since the covers are in great shape. My favorite thing I did on this book was to add the tiny tea cups as shown.

Project Pronounced Complete #5

My art group for one year had an exchange of different book structures. I made a piano hinge book for Judi and it was posted on my blog. I enjoyed that process so much that I wanted to make one for myself. I got as far as making the signature pages, picking out the chop sticks for the spine and the beads. This was all placed in a plastic bag and was part of my unfinished projects for a few years. I was going to do a different theme than I had done for Judi but with the use of the chop sticks, it occurred to me it would be best to stay with the Asian theme. All the pages are different than what I had made for Judi even though I used some of the same rubber stamp images and embellishments. I did choose a smaller size book and machine stitched when I could instead of using adhesive. I only took photos of a couple of pages.

Project Pronounced Complete #4

The shell was originally glued to another project I was working on and I didn't like the placement. I was able to separate the shell from the project, but I could not get all the glue removed from the shell. It was such a pretty shell and I did not want to discard it. It sat around in my studio for months and months. Then I got an idea to use it as a topper for a jar. It was easy to add glitter to the shell and the glue residue held the glitter in place. What was unexpected was the great color combination. That is something you can guess will be great but until the it comes together, you are uncertain about the end result. I also added thick embossing powder to the top and sides of the lid. I thought about other materials that I could add to the sides of the lid, however, it is a jar I use frequently. Ribbon attachment didn't seem too practical. I am still in thought about what else I can do.

Present from Sara

My sister had an October birthday this week and I had promised to make her a book.  She was probably thinking a "blank" book for journaling. I was thinking of one to hold family memories and that "surprise" will be waiting for her next year!

While going through a storage box in the attic for very specific ephemera, I came across a box that I had painted with Gretchen Cagle when I lived in Oklahoma. I surprised myself by finding this box because I had either sold, given away, or donated all my tole painting projects!  Once the box was spotted (even though I had good intentions of making a special book for my sister) my entire focus changed.
You know when you have given a "gift" to someone when everything seems to fall into place seamlessly. The color and design of the box was the perfect match for her bedroom and she will be using the box on her dresser.  She absolutely loved it and it's a treasure for her.  It's an awesome trade of some very good vibes!

Now, I want to write a bit about Gretchen.  She was without a doubt the most influential teacher I have ever had in my life!!! It's better late than never as I was in my 40's.  Her mantra was "I will teach you art principals and you can take this information and apply it to any medium".  So very true - as I am now a mixed-media artist and I have taken what she has taught me and applied it to my paper arts and beyond.  A big shout-out to Gretchen - Thank you!!!