Project Pronounced Complete #6

This tiny book (encyclopedia) would be a great altered book, or so I thought. The red covers were in great shape and it was the perfect color for an Alice in Wonderland book. However, the pages were so brittle that after removing most of them, what was left could not be glued together. The paper kept tearing in the smallest of small sizes! My only solution was to add paper to the group of pages and anchor the group of pages by sewing and/or eyelets. What started out as a great project grew to be a big headache. So this little project was placed, no thrown into a box to deal with later. And later turned into a great length of time. As the story goes, I pulled out the book with renewed energy and completed the pages in record time. The last trick was to use all dry adhesive. I have a few more of these books and I am going to completely remove all the pages and insert my own signatures since the covers are in great shape. My favorite thing I did on this book was to add the tiny tea cups as shown.

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Sharon said...

Oh, my goodness! I want to open it! OPEN, OPEN, OPEN! It just has to be delectable inside! I'm impressed by the way you are completing projects left undone. I have been lamenting to myself today because of that flaw in myself. :)