Thanks Jane!

Jane's blog A Place To Flourish is eye candy for a calligrapher/lettering artist and for those who love letters. Her artwork for "A Place To Bark" so inspired me that I wanted to make a piece for our art journal round robin. The poem is by Emily Dickinson.

I really love how this turned out. Thanks Jane for the inspiration!!

Sister Retreat

This is the mighty Mississippi River that we cross from Iowa into Wisconsin.

I absolutely love this bridge!

This is my view from my bedroom window looking at Iowa.

This house was built during the Civil War era...completely remodeled just for women. It's a perfect location.

This is known as "A Place to Sew" in DeSota, Wisconsin...high in the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River.

My sister and I spend time working on projects in the community of women. It's an awesome experience!

The Deep Blue Sea

A friend sent me this adorable tin ready to be altered. I was inspired to do something with my tin after I saw another artist's project.

I inquired as to how they made their project and then set out to find the materials I wanted to use.

After making this project, I will change a few things and then I will post the steps so that you can make your own.

I added lots of sea shells and glass marbles to the tin. It weighs quite a bit now!

It would definitely sink to the bottom of any ocean!

Alice Altered

I had altered a book a few years ago that was an Alice in Wonderland storybook. And then I gave it away.

When I found an Alice in Wonderland book in a resale shop, I knew that I wanted to make another book.....but not the same as I had made before. I am only posting a few pages of my book.

The tag shown is a plastic tag that I colored using alcohol inks then collaged my images.

I made pockets to insert tags.

My husband drilled holes into the scrabble tiles for me.

This is at the beginning of the book. I colored a grungeboard "a" and inserted an image of Alice. Diamond Glaze was then poured on top of the image even with the depth of the letter A.

I also did a color transfer of the rabbit onto a tag.

This view is the side of the book with all the beads and dangles from the pages inside.

I couldn't resist adding lots of fibers to the spine.

The cover was made using black and white polymer clay. I thought Somerset Studio would be publishing my Alice in Wonderland book, however, after holding my artwork for eleven months, it was returned to me in perfect condition.