Courageous Woman

I love this quote..... and Lynne Perrella's stamp image.


I never tire of using bird images in my journals. I especially enjoy this particular quote.

Crow's Feet

This is a page that I completed in Dina Wakley's new mixed media journal. Some of the difference surfaces are a challenge for me but I enjoying the process immensely. I'll be posting more as I finish pages. This page is burlap and I made a tag for the backside to give the page support.


Thank you to the late Lisa Englebrecht who taught me how to do canvas/fabric pages. These pages are canvas in the Dina Wakley's mixed media art journal. I had so much fun with the painting, sewing, layering of textiles and then calligraphy as suggested by Dina herself. I am happy with the result. It's good to keep in mind her mantra of "Oops, oh well!"

Ticket for Imagination

I have several journals that I am currently working on. While paint dries in one journal, I can prepare canvas with gesso and then move to my other journals of inks and paper collages. Instead of posting several entries from the same journal, I'll be posting randomly.