Eye of God

Isn't this an amazing photo....it's named the "Eye of God". I love space photos and can look at them for hours.
The Universe is beyond my imagination!

Love That Man of Mine

My sister Mary took this photo of my husband at a family gathering. The expression on his face is one that most people see. It would describe Bill - who is always optimistic about life's problems. He is the most loving and generous person I know.

June is the month we celebrate our anniversary and we've now been married thirty-seven years. Where does that time go?

Bill is been my biggest fan and crazy in love with me. Gotta love that man of mine!

Garage Sale Finds

Don't you love garage sales? Just before the rains came on Saturday, our neighborhood had a garage sale. I didn't have time to participate...oh, yes, I did.....I bought!

This is the first of the treasures I found to make me smile.

I'll place them in my sunroom...perfect location.

Marie - Queen of France

Before Catherine Moore's (Character Constructions http://www.characterconstructions.com/) Toy Theatre invitation.....I did not know much about Marie Antoinette. But before I began my project, I purchased the books that Catherine suggested and began reading. She was for me, a fasinating woman whose entire life unfolded before me as I read. One of the best books I enjoyed was "The Journey" by Antonia Fraser. It was written in such a style that held your interest to find out the "what's next".
This was my second purchase on the garage sale route in our neighborhood. As soon as I spotted Marie, I knew I wanted her to be in my studio.

Last of the Treasures

My immediate next door neighbor had for sale the Sho-Do Calligraphy - Life in Miniature set for $1.00. Who could resist?
It is so tiny and cute! And it's perfect for display!
All these treasures and all within walking distance! If I was smart, I should have insisted that they choose something from my house as a trade....yes, maybe the ratio should be 3 of mine for 1 of yours!

Monk and Penelope

Tulsa had a terrible rain storm yesterday that uprooted trees, broke tree limbs, and down power lines. I live in mid-town and this is the second hardest hit storm we've had recently. Our beloved trees have taken quite a beating ! ! !

I sure did not want to get up this morning to go to work. I was so tired....but when I arrived at our office, we discovered we're without power. So yeah.....back at home.

When I walked through the door, I found my two very adorable pets sleeping away.....
They were so stressed with the storm yesterday, too. Now they are snoring away without a care. Monk has a small black mark on his nose and is just a bit larger than Penelope in size. They are litter mates and most of the time....best friends.