Love That Man of Mine

My sister Mary took this photo of my husband at a family gathering. The expression on his face is one that most people see. It would describe Bill - who is always optimistic about life's problems. He is the most loving and generous person I know.

June is the month we celebrate our anniversary and we've now been married thirty-seven years. Where does that time go?

Bill is been my biggest fan and crazy in love with me. Gotta love that man of mine!


Deb said...

He looks like a big sweetheart of a guy! Congrats on 37 years... we're celebrating our 35th this summer. I can't even remember a time that I wasn't married - loL! Have a wonderful holiday weekend - Deb

Sara said...

Deb - Congrats on your long term marriage, too! We're becoming a rare breed....and we are so fortunate to have found true love the first time around.



Sherry Goodloe said...

You are very blessed. May you have 37 more happy years together!