Flea Market Find

Before I moved to Minneapolis, I visited the Tulsa Flea Market. I was delighted to find a house shaped nic-nac that I could alter....and for $2.00 too!

After the wooden house was cleaned, a coat of painted was applied with a dry brush. Papers were added to the back using a gel medium. I added lots of "stuff" that was previously thrown into a box of "someday I will do something with this".

I've added a few other items of interest to the various cubes.

I also purchased a large printer's tray at the Flea Market. I use to own several, then sold them all and now after taking a Tim Holtz class my interest has changed! But I am only going to own O N E (1), uno, printer's tray!

I will post photos after I alter it....

A La Salsa

A La Salsa was voted Minneapolis's best Mexican restaurant! I agree and now I am a frequent diner!

Lorenzo is a dynamic and personable owner who invited a few friends for a private Sunday brunch. He surprised his guests with this delicious dessert, the Pineapple Tamale!

He has two great locations.....you gotta go!

Art on the Lake

This was my first Minneapolis summer art festival to attend. I attended the festival with Kimberly, Carrie, Patty, and Linda. We had an awesome time! The couple in the photo are the artists who made the blister pearl ring that I purchased. I also went back about thirty minutes later and purchased the matching bracelet. I enjoy wearing both pieces of jewelry and will look forward to visiting their booth next year!

You can see that the art tents are right next to the lake. This was such a delightful area. For more information, click on the link below.

Excelsior, Minnesota

Strictly Social

I attended recently a talk presented by Christine Clifford held at the Women's Club of Minneapolis. This event was my first time visiting the Women's Club and first time learning about Christine's personal breast cancer survivor story. She is definitely is a moving motivational speaker.

Her words of inspiration came to me at the just right time!