Flea Market Find

Before I moved to Minneapolis, I visited the Tulsa Flea Market. I was delighted to find a house shaped nic-nac that I could alter....and for $2.00 too!

After the wooden house was cleaned, a coat of painted was applied with a dry brush. Papers were added to the back using a gel medium. I added lots of "stuff" that was previously thrown into a box of "someday I will do something with this".

I've added a few other items of interest to the various cubes.

I also purchased a large printer's tray at the Flea Market. I use to own several, then sold them all and now after taking a Tim Holtz class my interest has changed! But I am only going to own O N E (1), uno, printer's tray!

I will post photos after I alter it....


Jane Farr said...

What a great find! I love your reworking of the piece. Wishing you a creative 2012!!

letterlady said...

Looking forward to seeing the printer's tray. I have one languishing in my garage waiting for me to feel 'tray-creative'.