Harmony in Spirit

Last fall I was in the process of packing and moving. I really had taken no time to post some of life's little pleasures but it did NOT stop me from participating! This was my second "Harmony in Spirit" retreat for women. The fire pit is an interesting tool as it greatly assists in the bonding of women's friendships with their shared stories, experiences, and compassion.

This October night sky is so beautiful and the air has the right amount of crispness!

Not everyone chooses to sleep in a tent. Some women stay in the main house. After last year's experience, I wanted to choose the tent again. There is something awesome about sleeping outdoors all snug under quilts listening to the critters, aware of the dew drops landing on the tent canvas in the early early morning and witnessing the arrival of another beautiful day! Yes, Kimberly and I will be there for the 2011 retreat! Thanks Dana!


Penelope's name was inspired by the character in Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher, my favorite author. When I would sit and read in the living room, Penelope would rest on the parlor table next to the couch and watch me read and turn the pages of a book or magazine.

Hopefully SOON she will be moving to Minneapolis with the most important man in my life, Bill!