These luscious ribbons were purchased from Rock Paper Scissors in St. Charles, Missouri. It is my all time favorite paper store! Certainly worth the trip!

Halloween Art Page

Our art group is doing a round robin birthday book. When you receive the book each month, you can pick whatever month is available for you to complete. This book belongs to my friend Minori who lives in Japan. She loves Halloween so I really wanted to do something special for her. Who could resist using Catherine Moore's new stamp (Character Constructions).

This is a closer view. The Halloween label has been printed onto cotton fabric. I was able to take the page out of the book to sew the label and then replace the page.

For the month that we are working, we are to make a list of all the days in that month so the original artist can add her personal birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I decided to make a match book that holds the days of the month.

Journal Covers

I loved taking old books and making them into new journals! The cover is made using the "Fragment" tiles from Tim Holtz and using the techniques that I learned in his class. The large tile is a photo of my dad with his first crop of corn on the new farm taken in 1956. The book has been propped against my cat Monk....who decided at the last minute to be a part of my photographing my artwork. There was no moving him.....so he is now part of the picture.

This view really shows the dimension of the tiles. I love this product!

Here you can see the binding I made. There are so many sewing techniques for the binding....but I always love to use beads.

Child's Leather Riding Gloves

These worn leather gloves are so tiny....my cat Monk decided he needed to be the prop so I could take a photograph! I think this pair will find its way into a piece of artwork.

My husband actually found them at an estate sale where the sign on the box read...."any item - $1.00". He's great at finding me the neatest stuff for my art!

Antique Paris Opera Glasses

I was so excited when I found these opera glasses at an antique mall in St. Louis. They were behind locked glass doors and I knew that they were a fortune. But I took a look anyway!

Surprise.....they were not priced to be valuable. I guess the dealer made a great purchase and didn't require a lot of money to make his profit....lucky me! It's hard to photograph..but on the rims of the lenses is where Paris is stamped.

These glasses are just waiting for an awesome art project!

Delicious Cupcake

Okay....this isn't one you actually get to eat...but you sure might want to! I found this adorable pin cushion when I was in St. Louis a few weeks ago. I am a sucker for cuteness!

I almost have a collection....I have two adorable pin cushions. The other one has already been posted.

Paper Scraps to ATC's

One of my favorite blogs to visit is called Blooming Ideas. Terri posted on her blog how she made numerous ATC's from her paper scraps. I thought, how cool is that....and I challenged myself to do the same.

So Sunday night I worked in my studio until 1:30am! The time just flew by and then this morning I finished them. The challenge really made me think outside the box. I think my ATC's are very "artful".

Book for Maddie

I made this book as a "take and make project" when I attended my art club last month. As with so many things that you make in class....I wasn't thrilled with my end product. The book sat on my drafting table for a few days before I decided to remake it entirely. So I cut the binding, added additional pages with a "tag" theme, resewed the binding, and then completely collaged the front cover. NOW it is a perfect surprise for Maddie!

The covers were made from these huge playing cards. There's lots of other ideas on how to use them, too!