Paper Scraps to ATC's

One of my favorite blogs to visit is called Blooming Ideas. Terri posted on her blog how she made numerous ATC's from her paper scraps. I thought, how cool is that....and I challenged myself to do the same.

So Sunday night I worked in my studio until 1:30am! The time just flew by and then this morning I finished them. The challenge really made me think outside the box. I think my ATC's are very "artful".


Jane Farr said...

These are wonderful!!

Connie said...

Quite the challenge but looks like you were up to it. Pretty awesome results.

inkybru said...

Sara, I think these are some of the best ATCs you've made. I have a basket full of scraps from other projects and need to do the same. Seems I'm always catching up on projects to get them done before the deadline and don't have the time to do such a challenge. But I think I need to take time to do that just to sharpen my skills..... and my brain! LOL