Book for Maddie

I made this book as a "take and make project" when I attended my art club last month. As with so many things that you make in class....I wasn't thrilled with my end product. The book sat on my drafting table for a few days before I decided to remake it entirely. So I cut the binding, added additional pages with a "tag" theme, resewed the binding, and then completely collaged the front cover. NOW it is a perfect surprise for Maddie!

The covers were made from these huge playing cards. There's lots of other ideas on how to use them, too!


Regina said...

What a fun book! I need to start putting together some of the books I envision.

Regina said...

What a cute project! I should start making the books I envision. It looks so rewarding to see your projects.

inkybru said...

Sara, I bought two decks of these cards because I heard Sheryl say she was not going to be getting any more of those.