Highly Prized

As promised, this is my journal that I decided to use for the year's Sketchbook Challenge. It was my second choice but it became clear to become my first choice because of the Arches Text Wove paper I used for the text pages. The binding is a Coptic stitch so it easily opens flat.

In addition to my sketches, this journal also has some collage work. The pages that you are viewing says "Dream" and the page is in black and white.

This page has the same image as the first page but in color and I have written "in color".....so the complete message is "dream in color".

This is my January entry for Highly Prized. I plan on doing just a few more things to each page, i.e. watercolor all the "O's" on the written text.

I will also list the entire path of buildings that I walk through on my way to work. It is a brisk thirty minute walk....but oh so nice!

You can read more about the Sketchbook Challenge by clicking on the icon on the left side bar. I encourage to participate!