Project Pronounced Complete #4

The shell was originally glued to another project I was working on and I didn't like the placement. I was able to separate the shell from the project, but I could not get all the glue removed from the shell. It was such a pretty shell and I did not want to discard it. It sat around in my studio for months and months. Then I got an idea to use it as a topper for a jar. It was easy to add glitter to the shell and the glue residue held the glitter in place. What was unexpected was the great color combination. That is something you can guess will be great but until the it comes together, you are uncertain about the end result. I also added thick embossing powder to the top and sides of the lid. I thought about other materials that I could add to the sides of the lid, however, it is a jar I use frequently. Ribbon attachment didn't seem too practical. I am still in thought about what else I can do.

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Sharon said...

What a fabulous topper! Don't you love to be surprised when you recycle a piece and it just really works!