Project Pronounced Complete #5

My art group for one year had an exchange of different book structures. I made a piano hinge book for Judi and it was posted on my blog. I enjoyed that process so much that I wanted to make one for myself. I got as far as making the signature pages, picking out the chop sticks for the spine and the beads. This was all placed in a plastic bag and was part of my unfinished projects for a few years. I was going to do a different theme than I had done for Judi but with the use of the chop sticks, it occurred to me it would be best to stay with the Asian theme. All the pages are different than what I had made for Judi even though I used some of the same rubber stamp images and embellishments. I did choose a smaller size book and machine stitched when I could instead of using adhesive. I only took photos of a couple of pages.

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Sharon said...

I was very jealous of Judi receiving this book instead of me!!! LOL Her book is beautiful and so is the one you have made for yourself. Sara, you are my idol in bookmaking! What a wonderful gift for yourself!