Present from Sara

My sister had an October birthday this week and I had promised to make her a book.  She was probably thinking a "blank" book for journaling. I was thinking of one to hold family memories and that "surprise" will be waiting for her next year!

While going through a storage box in the attic for very specific ephemera, I came across a box that I had painted with Gretchen Cagle when I lived in Oklahoma. I surprised myself by finding this box because I had either sold, given away, or donated all my tole painting projects!  Once the box was spotted (even though I had good intentions of making a special book for my sister) my entire focus changed.
You know when you have given a "gift" to someone when everything seems to fall into place seamlessly. The color and design of the box was the perfect match for her bedroom and she will be using the box on her dresser.  She absolutely loved it and it's a treasure for her.  It's an awesome trade of some very good vibes!

Now, I want to write a bit about Gretchen.  She was without a doubt the most influential teacher I have ever had in my life!!! It's better late than never as I was in my 40's.  Her mantra was "I will teach you art principals and you can take this information and apply it to any medium".  So very true - as I am now a mixed-media artist and I have taken what she has taught me and applied it to my paper arts and beyond.  A big shout-out to Gretchen - Thank you!!!

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