"Sister Act" published in RSM!

Paper dolls was one of our exchanges this year in our art group.  For myself, I made a banner for all seven art dolls appropriately named "Seven Sisters".  Then I submitted the banner to RubberStampMadness, which is one of my favorite rubber stamping magazines.  They did an awesome presentation and feature story on my banner.  Thank you RSM!

A little bit about my process, I spent a day making all the dolls so it was an easy exchange for me as I really love making paper dolls!  I marked on the back of the doll the name of recipient and appropriate date. 
I should have done a better job of recording what I named each doll! However, knowing the recipient and making the doll specific for her was very easy!
I am naming this doll "For the Birds".
Mrs. O'Brien goes to the Parade.
Miss Oklahoma Tea Tax
Miss World Peace
Sara relocates to Minneapolis
Sara goes to Paris


Sharon said...

What a lovely parade of dolls! I love my Miss World Peace! She was displayed with other Character Constructions Christmas dolls I had out at Christmas. She is now displayed in my art room. Thank you, Sara, for your beautiful work on my doll. Sharon

CathWren said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! I spoke to Roberta Sperling a few weeks back and she told me to expect this. My copy of RSM arrived just this week, thank goodness, as I adore your doll creations!! These are so inventive and feminine and pretty and simply amazing Ms. Savvy Sara. I will be pinning them to my Pinterest boards very soon so that others can enjoy them as well. <3 <3 <3

Sharon said...

Congratulations again, Sara! I'm getting a subscription to RSM for 2015 as one of my Christmas presents! I'll be getting this issue now to see your publication of these beautiful dolls. I certainly love mine! ") Sharon