Halloween Trinket Dresser

Pinterest sends me weekly "you might like these" messages.  Several months ago (maybe it's been a year?) I remember thinking that the artist that made the Halloween trinket dresser was very clever - it looked like a super cool project.  This past weekend I wanted to make my own with the items I had available in my studio. I had a lot of fun engineering this project and have already made notes of improvement for the next one..... "IF" I make another one!
 I made the dresser where the bottom drawers can be completely removed without the dresser collapsing.
 Back View
 Side View
Side View


Sharon said...

Sara, This is absolutely awesome! Is there anything you cannot do?!!! Love it. Just lovely. What a wonderful addition to your studio. ")

C Pohl said...

This is so amazing thank you for sharing, i would love to make one do you have a tutorial or where i might find one thank you for sharing

Sara said...

Hi Carol - I don't have a tutorial - maybe I will do a step-by-step if I make another one. I went by a photo I had originally seen on Pinterest and just improvised.