Winter Wonderland

The snow began early Sunday morning and by noon we had about ten inches of snow. My husband got out the snowblower and took care of the sidewalks and driveways for us and our neighbors on both sides. Before his chore ended, the snow had continued to fall and covered up all his efforts. It was such a stunning gentle snow fall. I so enjoyed the beauty of it all and I was so excited that this happened on Sunday instead of Monday morning rush hour. How often does that happen?!

View from our kitchen doorway at the back of the house.

This is another view from the kitchen doorway.

In the end, we received about fourteen inches.

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Sharon said...

Beautiful! It was forecast that we could get 4-8" of snow today. Now it looks like we'll be fortunate to get a dusting. I pray that is wrong! We are desparate for moisture down here. Great photos Sara!