Thanks Tim!

What an awesome time I had in Texas! The experience of taking classes with Tim was worth every penny! And a huge thank you to Stamp Asylum and their amazing staff. This organization definitely knows how to conduct classes!!! They made name tags for each student with our name and a number. (I was number 37) On the back of the name tags was an envelope that held tickets to the classes you paid for.....and the number on our badge corresponded with our personal shopping bag. We all had a personal shopper.....oh my goodness....that was AWESOME!! Lunch was so well coordinated. It didn't matter where your place was in the room as Tim had a microphone and a PowerPoint presentation so you could clearly see and hear!!! I can not tell you enough about how terrific the whole experience was!

Thank you Monica, Donna, and Melody!


Terri said...

Wow! how cool is that!

Regina said...

I wondered how they manage such large classes & now I know.
Still looking forward to seeing your creations.

firstborn studio said...

you rock was really great to see you and meet your precious daughter kim at rps yesterday,i am very happy that we will have you teaching with us,your generosity of spirit and technique will be a wonderful addition to the "family"!