Transparent Illusions

I LOVED this class! I had approximately 80 tiles to make art....and gobs of techniques and information! Tim was super generous with ephemera, too! Here are some beginning photos.

This is just the beginning!
This is the stash I completed in my studio at home. Now I have lots to choose from when I am making art projects!


vintage moon studio said...

These are cool - are they transparencies? Or transfers? Hope all is well - have a great weekend! Deb

Sara said...

Hi Deb....Thank you for your comment. Tim's class was five hours of awesome techniques with a mixture of both transfers and transparencies. Mona is actually both. That's hard to explain but easy to accomplish.



Terri said...

Wow 5 hours of instuction with Tim...super fantantastic. I love that you are sharing what you are doing with us!