Alice In Wonderland

Who could resist making a postcard book with the theme of Alice in Wonderland?.....not me! So I took a class being taught by Dianne Hicks at Stamp Asylum in Plano, Texas recently. It was wonderful having Dianne teach so I could learn some new techniques. After I saw her article and art in the latest Mar/Apr '10 Somerset Studio issue, pgs 22-25...I knew this would be a fun class!

The backgrounds are photos taken by Dianne of her backyard. They have been altered using paints and glazes. Don't you just love the idea of what looks like a rabbit hole?!

The class used carved rubber stamps made by Dianne for the large images in our books. I chose to make a tag for "Drink Me" instead of a rubber stamp.

I love the Cheshire cat perched on the tree limb. Isn't that an awesome carved tree stamp!

This particular page was a disaster for me.....I misunderstood what the directions were for this page...however, Dianne rescued me. At home I had a chance to redo some of the images and take time to color the caterpillar, add smoke, and repaint Alice. Now this is one of my favorite pages!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the double page spread! I completed these two pages at home and I am glad that I did. I used a background foliage stamp by B-Line Designs that I thought fit perfectly. I was able to paint gesso to extend the table....and use those great Copic markers, too!

These two pages were completed in class. I switched the page layout as I wanted the rabbit to be looking into the book.

I had a great time making these pages. The King was made in class and I finished the other page at home. I used a rubber stamp from my collection for the arch background.

The Red Queen was almost completed in class and the following page I made in my studio. I decided to use rubber stamps for the quote and a grunge board crown from Tim Holtz.

I used text from an old Alice in Wonderland book and made a top/bottom border using a rubber stamp from my collection.

Alice in Wonderland is now complete with the fibers given to me in class! I really like how this book looks and enjoyed completing the processes at home. What I learned from Dianne was using the glazes that gives a lot of depth. And of course, the shopping opportunity at Monica's store! She has an awesome staff, too! Thanks Dianne and Monica!

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Calv said...

A fantastic piece! I love Alice themed artworks, thanks for sharing your work. :)