Altered Bingo Card

I have a few different size bingo cards in my art stash. Most of them are vintage....but before I alter those, I thought I would process some of my ideas on the new cards purchased from a local store. I am thinking of making a series.
I am participating in a monthly art swap and I have requested an altered bingo card. I have received a couple of cards so far....and although they are very clever and very arty...they are not "exactly" the altered bingo card I have been dreaming about.
So I may make my own. I do appreciate the cards I am receiving with the artist's own vision of what an altered bingo card should be.....and maybe I can give up my expectation that it should actually be a "bingo" card!

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Sharon said...

LOL! I am so glad I saw this before it's my turn to make your card. ") I'm working on Pat's right now and I just didn't want to cover up all the Bingo numbers... and I guess I don't have to! I love that it looks like a Bingo card. This one you have done is beautiful!