Antique Suitcases

I love collecting the antique suitcases! They are perfect for storage. This is a set of luggage that I use as bedside table. They hold my personal correspondence, journals, and photos. The silver scroll work at the top is the edge of a silver platter that I purchased at an estate sale that was really cheap. It needs replating....which I won't do. I love the condition it is in...and it is large and heavy. On top is my lamp, clock, and books that I read in bed.

This set of luggage came from one estate sale where I also got a photo of the owner taking a trip with her sister. There's the luggage on the tarmac before they board American Airlines. They are all dressed up....those were the days! I kept all the labels, stickers, and personal identification tags on the luggage.

I have been so fortunate that when I have purchased the luggage pieces, that I have the original tags and keys. They also have the most interesting locks! I make my own labels for the suitcases so I can remember what's inside. These are in my studio.

This is my favorite suitcase. It is a traincase and in great condition. It holds all my wax linen threads.

These two suitcases were purchased at in Iowa at an auction. They are children's suitcases. One holds my materials for doll making stuff and the other holds material for my fabric books.


Terri said...

what a great treasure!

Regina said...

really clever and attractive way to stay organized while indulging in a hobby!!!