Shaving Cream Technique

This is a shaving cream technique that both the rubber stampers, paper artists and calligraphers do to make very cool, marble like backgrounds. The paper I used here was Arches Text Wove. It stands up well to the abuse.

For those who have not tried this technique, this is how to do it. The cheapest shaving cream works best. I like putting the cream into a shallow pan - jelly roll pan works best for me. Then smooth out like frosting a cake. Add drops of different watercolors and if you are a rubber stamper, you can use the reinkers. Then make swirls, circles, or waves but only go through the cream once. The hair picks from the 50's and 60's work great. This is my first page. Place the paper on top of the cream and lightly press. Lift page off. I did this technique in a workshop and scraped the cream off. If I was home, I would have rinsed it with cold water. When you rinse, the colors are not can tell where the spatula scraped the paper. Also, I use most of the time reinkers that are permanent dye-base....and not subject to fading when rinsing in water. Set your paper aside to dry.

I then placed another sheet on top and did the same thing. You can see that the second sheet is not as vibrant as the first page....continue adding until the color is gone. You can then smooth out the cream and add drops of color and make your designs. Repeat until your exhausted....either you or your paper supply. You can also use cardstock.

This is my last sheet. If you have a really cool design....think about making a color copy and keeping your original.

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Connie said...

I'm glad you reminded me of this technique. Great play by play for someone who has never done it.