A Royal Duty - An Altered Book

I absolutely love making altered books! I also especially like taking workshops teaching altered books. I think it is because I know that I will FINISH the book! I have about three books that are unfinished and I don't know exactly when I will be motivated to complete them. The main reason for this is that they do not have a special theme. That makes all the difference for me! I also can not make altered books that will close.....I have tried but I apparently love too much stuff!

This class was taught by Beverly from B-Line Designs. I love taking workshops from her as she is so generous with her knowledge and has a zillion creative ideas! She supplied the books for the workshop and this one was titled "A Royal Duty". So I decided to make the altered book theme the same as the title! Although the book was written about Princess Diana, I included Kings and Queens.


I am EXCITED that I finished this book!


Jane Farr said...

Great work! There's so many hidden gems to discover!!

Terri said...

Another outstanding book! I can see that you love to make altered books.
Maybe this would work to make the book close...remove some pages in between your altered pages. if that is possible. Not with this book but maybe on another one you plan to do in the future.

vintage moon studio said...

What a lot of great ideas! I like that you coordinated the theme with the title. I also love fat altered books that are bursting at the seams... the more "stuff" the better! Does it really matter if it doesn't close? NO - lol!!!