House for Sara

My niece Lisa's little girl is named Sara. And she is receiving this dollhouse over Memorial weekend. It's a surprise for her but with the blessings of her parents. I used my 40% off coupons from Hobby Lobby to purchase everything I needed. The dollhouse was a kit and I thought...."this should be easy". I had no idea that there would be millions of tiny little pieces AND an instruction booklet that was about twelve pages! It's a good thing my very dear husband loves constructing and engineering! It's also a very good thing that we began this project in January of this year. It just takes time to glue, dry, paint, dry, etc.

I can hardly wait to see little Sara's face....she has been wanting a dollhouse (in little kids timeline) FOREVER! Her favorite color is pink and so we painted the house a color of pink that was called "Princess Pink". PERFECT!

Here are photos of the house empty and then with the furniture.


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Terri said...

Now that's a doll house. Fantastic gift.