My Secret Garden

This is the smallest Funk & Wagnalls enclyclopedia book I have ever seen! It is 6"x4"!

I took a class from "And Bears Make 3" in Moore, Oklahoma. The instructor was fun and she makes lots and lots of altered books. I thought this book would be perfect for a dear friend's birthday in September. She LOVES her garden!

This is in the inside cover with a fold out page using a transparency. The transparency was printed with beautiful flowers...and the "SG" of course, represents Secret Garden.

There are all kinds of pockets that are tied up with green ribbons with special surprises and messages inside.

This is the same page as before...just a different camera angle. Since my friend visits my blog from time to time, I didn't want to give away all the secrets! Inside the pockets are images and treasures. The other page has a garden gate that folds down to reveal a quote.

This page has all types and shapes of tags with poems about the garden. On each page are the garden gnomes....the whole book has these cute little creatures!

This page has a tree where the gnomes are swinging. I did some restructuring after the class as my book was breaking at the spine. I made a good repair and design change.

I am not too nuts about my handmade mushrooms...

I really like the garden statues on each page.

The hand is a tracing of my hand with a poem "Blossom by blossom frienship begins". There is a message on the backside for my friend.

Isn't he an adorable gnome!

I love the little door with the tiny roses and lizard!


Terri said...

Oh my goodness there sure is a lot of work that went into this. Some very special and unique ideas too.
Love secret hiding places. A real Wow!

Regina said...

Very impressive! I can't imagine doing all that work to alter a book. It's beautiful.
Been thinking about you and hoping you weren't being blown away. I saw a tornado forming near my in-laws a couple weeks ago & posted a pic on my blog.

inkybru said...

Sara, I love this altered book. It is so adorable. You did a lovely job on it. I love all the ribbons you put inside.