Come Walk With Me

My one hour long walk includes Lake Harriet and Minnehaha Creek before returning home again.  I am only a couple of blocks from both locations......and the trails are connected.  I am so very lucky, lucky to have such a diverse and beautiful walking experience!!! I absolutely live in a piece of heaven on earth here in Minneapolis. Love it, love it. The photos were taken along my path in late June 2012.  The end of the trail will bring a smile as it is very unexpected.  It was the last photo I took before my camera battery needed to be recharged. 
We're crossing the street at the end of our block and a man is pulling his wooden canoe to Lake Harriet!

Minneapolis is a community that embraces A R T and self-expression. It's been called "Mini apple s" as a reference to New York City.....only the best part of NYC is found here! Did I already say that I LOVE IT HERE?!!!!

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Jane Farr said...

After a morning of work, I feel refreshed! Thank you for taking me for a wonderful walk through your lovely and charming neighborhood, Sara!