Little Free Library

We have several "Little Free Libraries" in our neighborhood. I have asked my husband to build one for us. When you register your library, you'll be added to the "map".
All those 75+ year old windows that I saved from the landfill during the many years of dumpster diving every spring in Cincinnati will come to good use.  These windows were removed from the old Victorian houses for updating with better rated energy saving windows.  I have probably saved over one hundred windows in all different sizes.  Most were given away to friends who wanted to use them in greenhouses, art decoration, etc., etc.  The more unusual ones were sold when I owned an antique business.  I gave away the remainder windows preparing for my move from Oklahoma to Minnesota.  However, my resourceful sister-in-law has a small stash.....going to ask for one medium size one for our new library.

I have lots of books to start the library.  Of course, they are mostly art books ranging from the "how-to" on painting, upholstery, drawing, collage, rubber stamping, gardening, knitting, quilting, furniture refinishing, and a self-help books.  I will be cruising the local libraries when they have their free give aways to obtain the children's books.  It will be fun I think!
The light at the top of the house is solar powered so you can even collect/return books after hours.  I am very excited about this project.... maybe you can build one too and inspire your friends and family to join in on the fun!   To learn more about this awesome project, visit the LittleFreeLibrary

I will post our project upon completion.


letterlady said...

Sara, this is serendipity! I was asked to consider doing one of these some time ago, but nothing has happened with it yet. I will forward this link to my friend to see if she still has interest in the project. It is very neat...I hadn't seen one before and didn't know what they were. Thanks!

Susan said...

This idea is wonderful--never heard of it! Love the whole thing and the unit you made is adorable.